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Create an online shop
on Facebook
only 3 minutes

Connect the website to Facebook, sync products, and enjoy the convenience of selling on Facebook from your Halosis dashboard.

Connect Facebook catalog to Instagram

Did you know that the first step to activating an Instagram Shop is to upload products to the Facebook catalog?

Unified Admin Management

Within one panel, you will be able to manage admin customer serviceto serve many customers. Assisted by automatic messages and menus, there will be more and more well-served chatscustomer service norsales. Customers will also be more satisfied with the servicecustomer service You.

Flexible Customer Label Management

Flexible customer label / tag settings according to your business needs. This label can be used for search, sending messagesbroadcasts for marketing purposes according to your customer type.

Agent Performance Report

You can view the performance of a Customer Support agent at any time. Agent performance reports can be viewed in real-time from the status of a new conversation until the status is completed. 

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