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Solution to Sell Online on Social Media

Manage and increase sales on Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook on one platform

Auto Shop feature

Send & Schedule Broadcast Messages

Multi-agent Chat feature

Information Analytics Dashboard

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Official WhatsApp Business API

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Maximize Sales Through Chat Commerce
on WhatsApp

Move your business using WhatsApp Commerce now, so you can increase sales & services on WhatsApp.

Share Catalogs and Show Off Your Products 

You can share your business profile and product catalog with customers en masse. Your customers can search, add the desired products to the shopping cart, choose payment directly on WhatsApp.

Process Checkout 
directly on WhatsApp

Customers can enter the desired products intoshopping cart.The system will automatically calculate the total purchases and the customer can checkoutdirectly on the WhatsApp platform.

Choice of Payment Method
Fast and Easy

Customers can choose various payment methods fromQRIS, transfer viaVirtual Accountsinside WhatsApp.

Order recap, reminders & Payment status, order status and delivery are sent via WhatsApp so customers feel safe shopping at your store. 

Complete and Integrated Delivery Courier

You can choose from a variety of delivery courier options for existing customers. Customers will be able to see the shipping costs of their chosen delivery courier directly on WhatsApp. Delivery notifications and delivery tracking features are also sent to WhatsApp online.real-time.


Access WhatsApp that can be used by many users at once.

Increase Your Customer Satisfaction with WhatsApp CRM

Increase the productivity of your Operations team while increasing customer satisfaction with a sophisticated WhatsApp CRM system solution that can be tailored to your business needs.

Multi-Admin Chat

Your business's one WhatsApp number is served by various admins or Customer Service agents so that customers can be served quickly. In one unified panel, you can view customer conversations and information. 

Integrated Admin Management

Within one panel, you will be able to manage admin customer serviceto serve many customers. Assisted by automatic messages and menus, more and more chats will be served wellcustomer service norsales. Customers will also be more satisfied with the servicecustomer service You.

Flexible Customer Label Management

Flexible customer label / tag settings according to your business needs. These labels can be used for searching, sending messagesbroadcast for marketing purposes according to your customer type.

Agent Performance Report

You can view the performance of Customer Support agents at any time. Agent performance reports can be seen in real-time from new conversation status to completion status. 

Food Delivery

Access WhatsApp that can be used by many users at once.

Take advantage of Blast Messages on WhatsApp to be more personalized according to your target customers!

WhatsApp blast hasopen rate higher than SMS or email blast!

Send message
WhatsApp Blast

You can send WhatsApp messagesblast instantly or scheduled to many people at once and see who has received and read it.

Blast message templates can be created once at the start and used many times afterward. This message template can take various forms from images, videos or files and can be arranged according to your customer category.

Blast Templates

Blast Schedule

You can schedule sending blast messages at a later date at a certain time so that promotional planning can run smoothly. You can also send blast messages instantly if needed.

Analytical Data
Blast Campaign

Analytical data is available to measure WhatsApp performance your campaign. From messages that are only sent, but not opened, to messages that are read by customers. All of this analysis will become valuable data for planning your future business promotions.

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Access WhatsApp that can be used by many users at once.

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What they said about Halosis

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“Halosis Order Management System greatly helps the team, especially for inputting and managing orders from our dropshippers. The order update process is easy and we can directly see the Dropshipper Sales report”

Reni, Stein Cookware

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