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WhatsApp Business Multi-Admin

1 number for multiple admins at once


Advantages of WhatsApp Business Multi-Admin 

Icon_Dapat diakses banyak pengguna sekaligus.png

Can be accessed by many users at once

Icon_Mendapat verifie badge.png

Get a verified badge

Icon_Personalisasi pelanggan.png

Automatic customer personalization (no save number)

Icon_Laporan & analisis .png

Reports & analysis to see team performance

How WhatsApp Business Multi-Admin Works

Send message via
WhatsApp Blast Notification
to customers automatically

Screen WA image_Kirim pesan lewat Whatsapp Blast_Kirim pesan lewat Whatsapp Blast.png

Receive automatic orders instantly with 

WhatsApp Automation

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Group 37672
Group 37672

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Group 37678
Group 37678

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Group 37680
Group 37680

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Group 37672
Group 37672

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WhatsApp Automation is equipped with features 

Icon_Pengiriman terintegrasi.png

Integrated delivery

Icon_Pembayaran terintegrasi.png

Integrated payments

Icon_Manajemen pesanan.png

Order management

Icon_Manajemen inventaris.png

Inventory management

Icon_Laporan penjualan.png

Sales report

Requirements for Registering WhatsApp Business Multi-Admin

business entity

heavy-check-mark_2714 (1).png

Facebook Business

heavy-check-mark_2714 (1).png

Have a website

heavy-check-mark_2714 (1).png

Access WhatsApp that can be used by many users at once.

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