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WhatsApp Business Multi-Admin

1 number for multiple admins at once

Send message
WhatsApp Blast

You can send WhatsApp messagesblast instantly or on schedule to many people at once and see who has received and read it.

Blast Templates

Blast message templates can be created once at the start and used many times thereafter. These message templates can take various forms from images, videos, or files and can be arranged according to your customer category.

Blast Schedule

You can arrange a schedule for sending blast messages later on at certain hours so that promotion planning can run smoothly. You can also send blast messages instantly if needed.

Data Analytics
Blast Campaign

Analytical data is available to measure WhatsApp performance your campaigns. From messages that are only sent, but not opened, to messages that are read by customers. All of this analysis will be valuable data for planning your business promotion in the future.


Access WhatsApp that can be used by many users at once.

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