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WhatsApp Business Multi-Admin

1 number for multiple admins at once

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Website Commerce

Increase traffic to the website and activate the Instagram Shop.

Multiple locations

Custom look

Receive automatic orders instantly with 

Payment method

Virtual Accounts
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BRI 380x240. png
BNI 380x240. png
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PermataBank 380x240.png
OVO 380x240. png
GoPay 380x240. png
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Credit card
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Mastercard 380x240. png
JCB 380x240. png
Cardless Installments
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Retail outlets
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Commission Scheme

Get extra commission from sellers participating in the Free Shipping program: sellers will be charged a service fee of 0.75% -1.5%, and you will get 5% of the total service fee for the first 12 months

*Commission value before PPh 21 deduction

The commission scheme is a scheme for every merchant who successfully registers and makes payments with the package.

Commission Scenario Example: 

In March, you managed to invite 3 merchants to register, the first merchant you invited subscribed to the Lite package for 6 months, the second merchant subscribed to the Pro package for 1 year, they both have made payments. But the third merchant doesn't make payment after 30 days of registration. Then the commission you will get is:

  • Lite 6 Months: 660,000

  • Pro 1 Year: 7,200,000

  • Commission earned in March: 7,860,000

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Admin services

The CS Admin team helps manage your brand's Customer Relationship

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CS for Business Admins

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Sales & marketing

  • Marketing products* and serving sales through:

  • Direct Message Instagram, WhatsApp & Facebook

  • WhatsApp Stories

  • Websites and marketplaces

  • Manage Multichannel Stock

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Customer Relations

  • Follow up Chat & Sales

  • Status Updates & Receipt to customer

  • Accept Complaint

  • Customer satisfaction survey

  • Backup WhatsApp Chats

  • Voucher Program

  • Repeat Purchase Reminder

  • Loyalty Program

Asset - Referral Program Halosis_Recap & Reporting.png

Recap & reporting

  • Payment checking

  • Data & shipping labels

  • Sales daily report

  • Payment Daily Report

      Cost=2-6% of total transactions depending on the number of transactions & product complexity

Admin CS
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Commission Scheme

Come on, invite your friends to use Halosis admin services to manage their brand's customer relationships and get themcommission of 1% from the revenue received by Halosis

WhatsApp Automation

Increase Sales Conversions with a Virtual Assistant  (for Facebook & WhatsApp API)

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WhatsApp Automation

Virtual Assistant (chatbot) to receive orders, answer FAQs and Customer Support

Chatbot can send product images (which are available in the database)

Equipped with an automatic postage calculation feature

The chatbot will record order details and shipping addresses

Payment options using VA & e-wallets

Stock system that can be integrated with the website

Commission Scheme

Learn SchematicsThe registration


Register yourself at


Get the Referral Link


Share Referral Link to friends and on your social media


Get as many commissions as possible!

Understand Schematics The payment

Halosis will provide data 1x in 1 month regarding merchants who have successfully registered and paid through your referral link via email

All you need is confirmation of the commission figure

Halosis will transfer the commission to the account you registered during registration


Access WhatsApp that can be used by many users at once.

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